3 Reasons I Hired A Global SEO Company To Help Me Rank Higher

SEO partner companyA letter from a business owner:

I was doing SEO myself for about a year when I realized it wasn’t enough. I was working my butt off, but I didn’t see results — which was frustrating. So, I hired a global SEO company, and I’ve never looked back.

Here are three reasons why.

  1. They know what they’re doing.
  2. They saved me time.
  3. They saved me money.

I’ve seen a lot of businesses come and go in my time. And I’ve seen a lot of successes and failures. I’ve also seen a lot of companies that have tried to do SEO on their own. And I’ve seen that these companies never do as well as those who have hired SEO professionals.

Here are three reasons why I hired a global SEO company to help me rank higher on Google.

They know what they’re doing.

In my experience, working with a global SEO company didn’t have to mean more work. It often meant less. I spent less time on tedious tasks and more time on the activities I loved: growing my traffic and building my business. Interestingly, the technical aspects of SEO didn’t end up being the problem that I thought they would be.

Those tasks were relatively easy for the company to handle. When it came down to it, the problems I was having were centered around communications with the company’s marketing department. You might think there’s some job candidate evaluation process that leads to a global SEO company’s hire, but that isn’t the case.

They saved me time

I hired an SEO company that had my best interests at heart. It worked well for my region, but as my business grew, I realized that there was no way that I could dedicate time to just one area of SEO. I knew that to keep growing, and I had to spend more time promoting my local listings. Find a global SEO company with vast experience with a wide variety of niches. This will help cut down on time for any learning curves for new niches as well.

They saved me money.

At that time, I was learning SEO and making tons of mistakes. And these mistakes often led to financial burdens as well. My family was hurting for money, and I also cut coupons to save some money to spend on my son’s behalf. I’d work all night until I got home and then work all day. It was hard to juggle.

The good news about hiring a global SEO firm is you know exactly what the up front cost is going to be. And most companies will generate good results depending on what you pay. So this can end up saving you money in the long term.


We’re constantly reminded that SEO is an ever-changing industry. If you’re thinking about hiring a global SEO company, make sure they’re a professional and they know what they’re doing. If you want a reliable one we’re here, but if you need a Scandinavian and Europe one Responspartner is a company to check out.

When SEO is confusing, then hiring a global SEO company will save you time and money. Now that you’ve seen the three reasons why you should hire an international SEO company to help you rank higher, you might be wondering why you haven’t made the switch yet.

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